Chinese Food

Had Chinese food the other day. We ate in a Chinese restaurant that just opened up in town and it was a nice feeling to eat with so many options to choose from. The food was on a lazy Susie and looking at the presentation made me remember the days when I visited my grandmother and her house.

My cousins and I would eat together during lunch time and we would turn the table to get the food we wanted to eat. It was a bit of a game knowing that we had to wait for each one to finish getting a portion before we’d turn the table again for our turn.

My grandmother recently passed away and I’m not too sure if I’m being too casual about it, but I don’t know what to feel knowing that it’s been a long time since I saw her and that I’ve memories of beaches with her and my other cousins on weekends. Because of the distance, we’ve gotten a little farther from each other. I’ve never known her as much but good memories and what could’ve beens are all I could think of for a while.


Chinese food on a lazy Susie brings back memories