Toy Story 3: Sad Reality

This is a story about toys, but I don’t think it’s intended for children. Though it has a number of Toy_story3funny sequences, it also has some dark, creepy, sad and depressing ones.

I didn’t realize that I grew up watching this trilogy. I was 9 years old when the first installment came out so it was just cool to see toys come to life and at some point, I believed that my own toys really talked when I wasn’t around.

I didn’t watch the 2nd part when it was released as I felt too old to watch cartoons (at 13). But when I finally had the opportunity years later, the scene wherein the cowgirl was put up for donation because she was left by her owner struck me hard. It didn’t help that Sarah Mclachlan’s soothing voice haunted and played in the background with “When She Loved Me” as the musical score that fit perfectly with the narrative.

Toy Story 3, I watched during Christmas. There were definitely a lot of areas that were tackled. On the toys’ side, the incineration part talked about friendship and staying true to each other. There was a point wherein the toys held hands and had to accept their fate that they were going to get burned so they just let the scene take its course… until they were saved by those small aliens using a claw crane machine.

I’ve never been at the edge of my seat when it comes to these types of cartoon flicks but Toy Story 3 did it for me. No wonder TIME magazine labeled this as the best movie of the year – I still haven’t watched Inception so forgive me.

Even more depressing is the story of the pink teddy bear, Lotso, and how we was replaced by a newer version simply because he was left behind. Such a sad reality when you look at it from their perspective.

But what struck me the most was the last part. Andy, the owner of these toys, gave them away as he was off for college. Though I cringe at the thought of admitting it, it just tore me when he bade goodbye to the characters he grew up with.

This is a cycle that goes hand in hand with life and accepting reality and all its truth. Whether it’s graduation, a career change or simply saying goodbye.

I remember back when I had to leave my home town. We couldn’t bring our dogs with us so we left them there all by themselves. The scene wherein the toy cowboy, Woody, looked at his master for the last time silenced me.

woody goodbye
One last look of his master leaving.

These are inevitable moments in life that one has to go through just because that’s the way things are. Saying goodbyes are always tough and I’ve never been good at it.

Each toy had a special tale. Toy Story made me believe that these play things had feelings.